About Our Game

Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist
Patient 001: Roger Harrington

Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist (DAST for short) is intended to become a series of virtual novels. Each game in the series will eventually feature a quasi-linear narrative in which the main character is a patient, discussing his sexual encounters and romances with his therapist. As the patient tells the story to his therapist, you the reader will make choices that change the outcome of the story. Your decisions in the story will alter the nature of each of your relationships and determine what shape and form your sexual experiences take.

In our first story, Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist – Patient 001, you assume the role of Roger Harrington, a middle-aged corporate executive whose career has just suffered a major set-back. With his livelihood in jeopardy and life as he knows it on the ropes, he begins seeking as much diversion and distraction as one man can possibly handle.

You, as Roger Harrington, will have a number of difficult choices to make. Do you stay loyal to your wife, look for love in a new place, build a harem? What will you do if one of your paramours becomes pregnant? How much shit are you willing to put up with from abusive lovers? All of these choices and more are yours to make. Then again, you could also choose to swear off the insanity of these women altogether.

It will be up to you, the reader, to decide. Step into our world. Have fun. And let us know what you think!