2019-02-19 Live Stream Character Poll

We’re going to kick off this live streaming process by doing some wallpapers. The rationale is that by sticking to “fan art”, we can avoid giving away any story spoilers and, it gives us an opportunity to do some fun stuff with these models that we might not be able to justify in the story.

Whatever kinky thing we come up with we’ll be releasing a NSFW version as a wallpaper for patrons and a SFW version for the public.

So our first live stream is going to take place on February 27th from 11am to 1pm EST on Picarto. 

This will be laid back and maybe even a little educational for those wishing to learn Daz. It’s also going to be interactive with us taking into account viewer feedback during the creation process. So you’ll get to a bit of a hand in how this comes together.

But we got some prep work to do!

We got some decision to make, so we’re going to host a series of 48 hour polls to determine just what it is we’re going to be making.

Let’s start with picking a model.

Since this is our first live stream, we’re going to open it wide up. Going forward we’ll limit the selection a bit to make sure every model gets a turn, but for now, let’s kick it off.

We’re putting it to you. Which model will we be working with next Wednesday on our live stream?

This poll is only good for 48 hours. Once we know who our model is, we’ll have some more decisions to make.

$5+ Patrons can Vote Here.

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