2019-02-23 Live Stream Setting Poll

So it looks like Jane was the winner by a slim margin.

Now that we have that sorted, we need to discuss location.

We have a couple of locales at the ready, we just need to pick one. The following scenes are not complete. They are just rapid test renders to give you an idea of what the setting looks like. We’ll be modifying them a plenty during our creative process together. Just think of them as templates.

Choices Include:

All kinds of things to play with. Couches, Pool table, Bar. Sports Memorabilia. Jane can freaky with a pool cue, the balls, the liquor bottles. Plenty of things to get imaginative with in here.

We could take Jane back pool side for all kind of fun in the sun. Pool toys, Cabanas, outdoor bars. Even have a balcony we could play on. We can pretty much add whatever we want to get wet and wild.

Another room full of possibilities. Put her on stage, put her behind the bar, put her in the VIP booth. We can make her entertain a crowd or give a private show. Or maybe, she’s there as a customer.

Maybe we want to throw her out into public. Dress her up like a flasher with a trench coat, or do a little pole dance under a street light at night. Another great setting we can add a lot to just to have some fun.

Or we can shatter reality and throw Jane into some funky sci-fi warehouse looking thing. Maybe she’s being chased by an alien or fucking one. Who knows. Our imagination is truly the limit with this one.

So let’s figure out where we want to put Jane and we’ll do some prep work before our live stream next Wednesday.

Looking forward to it all. Cheers!

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