2019-05-27 Update

Well damn. That vacation went by quick! And I just now realize it’s been almost fourteen days since the last update. So where are we at?

I did my very best to try and work this update to completion this week. There were some hiccups with the file transitions and I finally had to say “to hell with this” and start reorganizing some of the inherited assets I got when assuming control. A file structure that works for one man may not always work for another. But it’s square, and I can find shit promptly when I need it now. So there’s that.

But perhaps the worst thing that could have happened, happened. I got inspired. As these characters are oft to do, they started writing themselves, and before I knew it, they were bringing in new characters that enriched the plot in such a way that I could not turn them back at the door.

Next thing I know I had penned an additional 10,000 words of story on top of what was already a fairly complete chapter. That’s 10,000 words of dialogue. That does not include the coding that goes around it. That’s, I don’t know, 1/10th of a novel. Now those 10,000 words are spread across a couple of different possible story paths, so it’s not like you’ll read it all in a single play through, but it’s there. And it’s great. And if you read to the end of this post, I’ve included some of it as a spoiler. (Or maybe not a spoiler as you may avoid this snippet altogether in your playthrough depending on choice).

Now I didn’t start counting words until this last week because my new solo development method has me penning story separate from coding. But I estimate there is probably an easy 30 to 40 thousand words in this update. So if you go through and play it a few times and sample all the story paths, that’s close to half a novel. Kind of puts into perspective what’s taking so long. Cause with all that, goes the code, the path structure and of course a whole heap of pretty pictures.

But the writing is done for this update! I’ve finalized everything and started packing it into code and there is no room to add more. At the moment, I’m continuing to jam away at the renders. I still have more to make as that additional 10,000+ word enhancement required a new location and a few new previously non-existent characters.

As soon as I’m done jamming on those I can finish the renders for the sex scenes which have been programmed and written, and we can start putting this bundle together and ship it out the door.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their patience. I know some have left and I understand the lack the faith. I do. I’ve been on your side of things before. But know that I have not slowed (in fact I’m working far harder than before), but it’s daunting trying to maintain the previously established level of quality on one’s own. But I shall not relent!

This story is my baby and she continues to grow in amazing and beautiful ways. And even though I’m hard pressed for time, it is always a pleasure every chance I get to sit down and work on it. So there is certainly no burnout in sight.

I just need to figure out how to convince everyone we should switch to a 32 hour day. This way I can score in a few extra hours of productivity after the “real job blues”.

For now, I’m going to keep this update short and sweet like that, and get back to work. Expect communication to be a little sketchy for the next week while I continue to blast away at this. I’m putting aside all other side projects like streaming and such until I get this done. Then we can talk about the future.

Talk to you very soon mates! Cheers!


This is one possible snippet of dialogue that may attend the scene presented above.

 Mr. Allen, the club’s owner studied me from across the table. ‘”You know I’ve been running pussy for over thirty years. And in that time I’ve seen and dealt with it all.”‘

‘”Guys of all stripes walk through that door.”‘

 ‘”Most of them want to just come in and get their **** sucked and go back home to whatever type of normal most suits them.”‘

‘”But you get all the other sorts to. The hustlers, the pimps, the pushers, and disreputable…”‘

‘”…but it’s the hot heads I like the most. Because they’re easy. Predictable.”‘

‘”They come in just looking for a fight. Don’t care who it’s with. They just wanna take out their aggression on the first person to look at them sideways.”‘

‘”And I indulge them by sending Miles or one of the other boys to take them out back and give them the beating they came looking for.”‘

I felt like I knew where all this was going, and perhaps I had been a little less than cool headed tonight. So I tried explaining the situation. ” Look, Mr. Nguyen and I have some history. I didn’t mean to come in here hot headed, but it just sort of happened.”

“Oh you’re not a hot head Mr. Harrington. No, you’re something else entirely.” He had me on the hook because I had no idea where this was going.

“You see, you’re like me.”

“I seriously doubt that.” For starters I wasn’t a pimp.

“Oh but you are. You see, hot heads, they get their fire up, and after they’ve had their beating they wallow in their own self misery a bit. But guys like us, we stay angry all the time, even after the beatings. We may not show it, but we got something in us. Something that just gnaws away at our patience. And we start feeling that we deserve the things we want when we want them.”

“But what makes us more dangerous than any dumb **** hot head is that we take all that anger, frustration and impatience and we channel it towards the people we think are ****ing us.”

I was reluctant to admit just how much of what the old pimp said was spot on. With every passing day, dealing with this shit at work, I was getting angrier. And the way I handled Nguyen tonight…I had never done anything like that before. The feeling of power I had in that moment was…intoxicating.

He went on, “I see that anger in you, and it’s focused, and logical, and most of all, it ain’t welcome in my club.”

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