2019-07-29 Mini-Update

Not going to waste a lot of verbiage here because I’ve got a lot to work on here. Just wanted to let everyone know I’m back off the road and operating on the beast machine again.

So today is all about working on the x.7a second half. Also pushing ahead with cleaning up the old code to be compatible with all the new features. Fortunately the clean-up is quick and easy and in the last part of my trip I was able to clean up all of the old scenes except for Lupita. I’ll get her done today as well and everything will be up to speed with the updates.

Next week I’m taking a few days off the real job blues to work solely on the game. Looking to make some real progress now that I’ve found my stride.

Also, there is a new poll up for $20 patrons regarding new alt game modes. Don’t forget to check it out and cast a vote.

Can’t wait to show everyone the new interface in action!

Talk to you soon!


(I’m going to spend some time tomorrow night replying to all the messages and comments, so if you’ve been waiting for a response I do apologize but I’ll get to you soon.)

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