2019-08-02 Making Strides

As I’m pushing forward with the renders for the second half of v1.0.7 I find I have some downtime between test renders.

So today I took some of those precious extra minutes to work on one of my promises for the next release.

I’m happy to report there is now a fully functional “Jump Menu” included in the next release. This will allow you to immediately transport to any scene in the game whether you’ve completed it or not (who the hell am I to tell you what order you should enjoy these things).

One of the cool benefits of this implementation is that it leaps forward from your current position. So if you’re curious about what impact a choice you just made will have on a future scene, you can make the choice and then immediately jump forward to see its effects.

As the game grows there will be more diversity and impact from your decisions making this a fun toy to play with.

Eventually (maybe this release, maybe a couple from now) I’ll have a built in system for modifying the character attributes so you can enter a new scene with whatever stats you like. This will take some more time to build, but it’s on the drawing board.

Thus while I can no longer ensure that your saves won’t always work while I’m putting this thing together, I can at least offer you the ability avoid the torture of replaying scenes you’ve already seen. I’m afraid it’s the best I can do.

For now, I must return to rendering.

Salute my friends!

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