2019-08-28 Late Night News

Just finished post production work on 150 renders today. Scene 1 of 3 for v1.0.7b is complete.

I have a couple of bug fixes to take care of in the morning but I should have it uploaded for $10+ patrons to play test for additional fixes sometime tomorrow afternoon.

There’s gonna be a lot to test. Between the in game database, cheat menu and music, it’s been a long haul to get here.

I’ll finish up Scene 2 of 3 hopefully by next week, after that it’s just finishing up the renders for Nanami’s new sex scene and v1.0.7b will be complete.

Also going to have some development polls coming up soon for $5+ patrons. There are a few more features I’m interested in including (cheat menu type-stuff). Too much to release it all at once, so I’d be interested in knowing what you’d like to see rolled out first. So keep an eye out for that poll soon.

Getting close friends. And now, I sleep.

Cheers mates!

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