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I’m so close I can taste it! Currently buttoning up the images on Nanami (Chapter 3, Scene 7). Once I get these renders through post the only thing left to do is render out a sex scene and we’re good for release.

I have to say, I’m happy with the steady state of progress these last couple of weeks. Despite working alone, I have everything lined up and kicking along in a very good sequence. Writing and coding are also underway on the next Cassie/Emily update as I wait for this scene’s visuals to bake.

The art continues to improve with each scene as I get faster and better with Daz. Sometimes, it’s just knowing what needs to be tweaked to make the scene look better. Sometimes it’s the lighting. Sometimes it’s the surfaces and textures. And sometimes it’s just the composition. Whatever it is, I have the tools and tech to fix it.

Aside from that, nothing left to do but continue hammering away. Barring any strange complications, my goal is to have this update ready sometime in the next two weeks. Really all that’s left is a single sex scene, and I’ve got a formula for that, so it should run like clock work. As the days pass and I get nearer and nearer to completion, I’ll make sure to provide regular updates.

Man, Please Don’t Reboot your Game!

My recent posts regarding my explorations in Blender have caused a bit of a mixed reaction. Many have expressed excitement at this new development and are looking forward to what the next evolution of this game could look like. And just as many have expressed great concern that this means the game is going to go on-hold while I rework all the existing material in this new medium.

Don’t worry, I’m not restarting. I’m not rebooting, I’m not doing anything. Just learning.

Here’s the deal. From the time I started using Renpy to now, I’ve learned so much I wish I knew in the beginning.

In Daz, what I’ve learned just in the last five months, makes the renders from our first alpha to now as different as night and day.

And I’m only now scratching the surface of Blender. I can’t imagine what I’m going to know how to do in Blender in six or nine months from now! But it’ll be incredible!

So I’m not planning to do anything with Blender except learn, experiment, and make awesome test renders and animations with our characters.

Do I want to remake the art in this game using Blender so we can get as life like a quality as possible? Absolutely! Do I want top quality animation that uses hard and soft body physics! Of course! But the time is simply not right. And the time won’t be right for a while. I just have soooo much to learn before taking that step. And It’s gonna take some time.

One day, if I’m fortunate enough to work on this game full time, and I feel like I’ve learned as much as I can about Blender, and there is enough patronage that we can build a dedicated rig to cranking out amazing animations, then we’ll take this whole game up a notch. Because then as a full time dev, I can maintain pace and give the extra quality the attention it deserves, as well as have the hardware necessary to do it in a timely fashion.

But like I said, the time is not right, and the time is not now. So chill!

Besides, I just found my stride when it comes to developing on this. I’ve got a steady pace and a smooth workflow. I’m expanding the interface, adding music, and doing so many other things to improve what we already have. I ain’t near ready to upset all that right now.

My goal at the moment is to continue producing regular updates, build our community together, and continue to expand my education and learn all kinds of fun shit that’s going to make this game one of your favorites. That’s our current destination together.

There, see! Nothing to worry about.

Well that’s all I got for now! Look to hear from me soon regarding the completion of this next chapter and I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve got in store for Emily and Cassie!

Salute my friends.

(Also, to all you Nanami fans, $5 patrons get access to an NSFW version of the attached wallpaper….just saying. Cheers mates!)

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