2019-09-30 News

Just want to drop a quick line and let everyone know where we’re at.

Progress this last week has been great! Music and SFX are fully integrated (something I started this update and was going to finish later, but then I got on a roll). So all of the old content and the new has been updated with sound tracks and fx that really add to the emotional feel of the game.

Planner and Character database are complete with portraits, traits, indicators, etc.

The journal is getting pushed back to the next update. It was partially integrated but I’m estimating it’ll take a couple of extra days to update all the old content, so I’m going to leave that half finished for now and have it fully ramped up during the next go around.

Naming the MC is now fully functional, unfortunately changing the skin tone is still a work in progress. I wanted to have this ready for the current scenes, but now there is some kind of error with the Daz asset I’m using to color johnsons and it doesn’t look like a quick thing to sort out. So look for that in a future update.

While going back and implementing the code to change the MC name, I figured what the hell, I’ll start working on a future a future enhancement that will allow you to name all the characters. This won’t be ready for this release, but the work has begun (eventually you’ll have a character sheet for each character where you can manually change all of their stats when cheat mode is on).

Scene selection tool is complete, you’ll be able to jump from chapter to chapter at your whim while cheat mode is active (a later update will enhance this further so that you can choose individual scenes within a chapter).

New story menu is complete.

All I have left to do is finish rendering Nanami’s sex scene. I have 2/4 of the positions done, so it’s real close.  I may schedule to take off Thursday and Friday from the real job to finish them up if worst comes to worst.

So for now, I’m going to go radio silent and just focus on getting this done. Next you hear from me, it will be nothing but good news.

Cheers All!

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