2019-11-07 Bonus Mode Newds…I mean, News.

Going way back to before I lost all my companions on this project, we thought it would be a fun idea to integrate some alternative visuals to replace those in the default story. Different “game modes” that wouldn’t change the story but would simply exist for amusement.

The ball started to roll and then for various reasons I was left holding a rather heavy bag. The last update was very much about me trying to get up to speed with Daz and Python, cleaning up what was there and learning how to continue to perform at the level of quality you all have come to expect. Well that hurdle has been cleared and it’s time to make good on some promises.

I’m happy to report that creation of the alternative visuals is part of the pipeline and will be generated at the same time the standard game images are. And while I must say, the art does continue to get better and better, so the timing for this upgrade is perfect.

It decided via poll some time ago that the first two modes available would be “Nude Mode” and “Lingerie Mode”. In time we’ll have an opportunity to go back and render additional styles (it’s a simple matter of loading the file and tweaking the assets, not a huge commitment at all).

For now, I wanted to offer a sneak peek at these alternatives that will be available for Amanda Chapter 02 in v1.0.8.

Slowly over the next several updates I’m going to work on going back into the existing scenes and making these changes, but I’m delaying for the moment because when that happens, I’ll likely make some other visual improvements along the way and for now I want to focus on getting an Amanda and Cassie update out by Christmas.

Thank you for your support, your faith and your continued encouragement.


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