2019-12-06 News, New Tiers, Progress!

Sorry for the delayed news flash, but I’m back and rocking and rolling.

First off, why the delay in communication?! Thank the “Real Job Blues” for that one. Right before the holiday I got sent out on some business travel, during which I only had access to company networks. And as much as I missed everyone, it seemed unwise to peddle my porn on company networks. Either way, I returned, the holidays hit, and I’ve spent the last week playing catch up on my renders and communications.

But I’m caught back up. And even though I wasn’t able to work on any renders while I was away, much writing occurred in the hotel room and I have scripts for days. So that’s always a plus!

Where are we at?

I’m tying up the finishing touches on Amanda’s fourth scene for her upcoming chapter. One more after that and she’ll be ready for release and work will begin on Cassie’s next installment.

As my Daz skill continues to grow, so does my speed. The attached image took about an hour to complete start to finish. From it I’ll make a sequence of changes that will take about two minutes each and from it get about fifteen images for the game.

Given this new found speed for render production, I’m throwing out an extremely limited offer with two new tiers.

New Tiers

One of the long term goals is to eventually bring on and replace some of the staff this project lost. I’d like to grow this project back to a size where there are multiple people pushing out content and we are seeing regular frequent updates. To help expedite some of these goals, I’m throwing up an offer to help boost some of the project’s revenue and drive towards a scenario where full time development is a reality.

However, I do not want facilitation of these new tiers to take away from production, so until I have a better idea of how much time fulfillment of these tiers takes, I am significantly limiting the number of patron slots. As time goes on and I have a better idea of how long these will take to complete, I may expand and open up additional slots at a future date.

Fecalmancer has offered to produce the wallpapers for the $80 tier, so that won’t distract me from content creation at all. Currently this tier is limited to 3 Patrons.

Since the $350 tier is updating and modifying existing sex scenes and being plugged into the pre-built menu, I speculate that fulfilling the obligations of this tier should only require a couple of hours of rendering each month, and once again Fecal has offered to help meet this obligation. This tier is currently limited to 2 Patrons.

I’m very excited about the Sex Scene Actions Offer. Scalability was always one of the benefits of the sex menu system and I always intended to have players determine what additional activities would be added to the menu.

Fact is, there are too many kinks, fetishes and preferences for me to try and cover all of the bases. But with this system in place, players can now dictate what additional options appear during a sexual encounter. I look forward to seeing those menus grow and to hear what people come up with.


Given the ongoing fluidity of the project, I have been hesitant to establish any project goals. However, now that I’m in the pilot seat and have a firm vision for the future, I’m ready to set some benchmarks and see this project grow to it’s full potential.

The benchmarks are set based on a cost/plus basis. The base cost I need to live and develop the game full time, plus the cost of any licenses, education or hardware needed to meet the delivery promised at a given milestone.

Take them with a grain of salt. They’re far looking and some of them we may never realistically hit. But it’s fun having them there as something to possible look forward to one day.


Well, that’s all I have for now. I’m back to grinding on Amanda’s chapter. Should have the next play test up next week.

As always, I’ll keep you posted as things progress. And of course if you have any questions, complaints, feedback, etc. Feel free to leave a comment, email me or hit me up on Discord. I try to respond to everyone in due time. (At the moment I believe I’m caught up, so if I missed a message or you’re waiting for a response, please ping me!).

Till next we speak, I salute you!

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