2019-12-24 News Brief

Real quick I just want to drop everyone a line. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve dropped a communique.

Just want to say that between the real job, holidays and a respiratory infection that took a week and a half (as well as a heavy dose of antibiotics to shake off), things have been stupid busy. It’s just that time of year. Just a couple more days and life will return to normal.

While work on the game slowed a little bit during the illness, I’m happy to say it never stopped. But unfortunately, in my cough syrup induced daze I was inspired to write a couple of additions to Amanda’s update. (As I was thinking my way through the scenes, I discovered some opportunities for additional pervy behavior.)

I’ll be back before the new year with a more robust report of the happenings in development. But in the meantime, everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday and we’ll talk very soon!


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