2020-01-07 News

So I’ve been posting this that and the other on Patreon but it’s been awhile since I’ve done a general update. So here it goes.


Holidays are finally over and things are starting to get back to normal. The real job is calming down again and the family is returning to their normal routines, this means more time for development.

To that end, work continues to progress on Amanda’s Chapter. Only one scene left to render, but it’s a big scene with lots of custom sexy stuff. Upside, when it’s done, it’s release time. I’ll be grinding on it hard this week and next so hopefully I get to share the results very soon.


With that in mind, I’m actually taking the day off tomorrow to work on renders. So I plan on doing a live stream of the actual work on the game. In previous streams we did some custom wallpaper type stuff, but right now I don’t want to take away from production of the game.

So be advised, if you watch tomorrow’s stream you’ll get a sneak peek of some upcoming stuff. But there won’t be any script or context involved, so you’ll just have to guess at what’s actually going on.

But for those of you wanting an inside look at what goes on when producing renders or just want to ask questions and get some general tips and tricks for Daz, then it should be a good stream.

Hired Help

So I’ve put out some help wanted ads to see if I can get someone else to help pick up the slack and get these renders done. I’ve done some calculations and given our current rate of growth, it’ll be another year before I can think of being a full time dev, and another year or two beyond that to finish the game (best case scenario).

If I can get some eligible to take over some characters, then we can hopefully pick up the pace of development and growth at the same time. But it’s all about finding the right person because I don’t want to compromise quality in favor of speed. So fingers crossed we can find the right person.

For those interested, the details of the posing are here. So if you or someone you know are interested, shoot me a message and we can discuss possible opportunities.

Well, that’s about all I have at the moment. So in the meantime, I want to thank everyone for their support and wish everyone a Happy New Years!

Cheers mates! Here’s to a productive 2020!


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