2020-01-16 HOT NEWS! (And a naked picture of Amanda)

Never let it be said this dog can’t hunt. I set out to find a single artist to help produce art for this game and I’ve potentially found FOUR!

I’m going to lose a little production time this weekend and early next week, because I’m building an infrastructure that can support a five man art team.

To ensure consistency across the game, I need to set up a repository for all the of the assets I use and give access so that the artists can use the same. With everyone using the same models, locations and morphs, there will be no variance in character design.

Secondly, I need to design and implement a chapter template that will inform the artists which assets a scene uses, what the scene should convey, and the associated script.

How’s this going to work?

I will send the chapter template to the artist. They will review what assets they need and go to the repository and grab the correct files. They will do all the posing, lighting and camera work for the scene. Test the renders. And then send back the un-rendered file to me. I will review the file. Make some final adjustments and ensure the compositions and style are in line with the rest of the game and then queue up the final render.

I’ll still have to touch every single piece of art going into the game, but with 95% of the work done before it hits me, it’ll be a huge time saver.


I don’t expect all four of the artists to work out. But I’m giving everyone a trial run to see what the final output looks like and then re-evaluating things from there. Though I must say, the work these folks have done is very good.

It’s going to cost some money to implement (pretty much all of our monthly patron intake), but that’s ok. It’s for the good of the project! And hopefully if we can start generating content faster we’ll also see an up tick in patron support.

The Cost?

At $250 a chapter across 4 artists, that’s a straight grand right there. But don’t worry, I’m chipping in the difference to help us hit the mark. I believe in this project that much!

The production line I’m setting up it will put to ease all the fears I have of losing control of the visual style of the game. This particular arrangement allows me to keep that.


Let’s just say 2020 is off to an exciting start! I hope this marks the beginning of a very productive year.

The characters I’ve handed off to the contractors are Lupita, Monica, Emily and Nanami. Call me greedy, but I want Amanda, Cassie and Jane all to my lonesome.

Live Streams

 I’m taking off a couple more days next week to do live streams. I enjoyed doing them this week and I’d like to make that a regular thing a few times a week. They’re very productive!


That’s all I got for now. Cheers mates! We wouldn’t even be able to consider this expansion without your help! I thank you dearly for that!

As ever, I salute you!

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