2020-02-02 Newsletter

All day long everyone has been reminding me that today’s date is a palindrome! And all day long I’ve been remind people I don’t give a shit…but I digress!

While the rest of the city is busy watching grown ass men in tights chase a ball, I’m toiling away on this game and this post because fortunately, I don’t care about football. =D

Alright, now that all that is out of my system, let’s commence with some news.

The Good

The new job worked out and tomorrow I officially start working for the new boss. Why is this good? Because half my time will be spent working from home. And working from home means more opportunities to multitask and work on the game.

As part of this change, I want to start live streaming work on the game four days a week from Tuesday to Friday! That’s four whole days of art generation, for about 2 to 3 hours a day.

Not only will we get more done, but you will have a chance to join me. Hang out, shoot the shit, and enjoy some lovely test renders of the game’s pretty ladies. It’s a win all the way around! Provided you can tolerate my music.

Along with that, I will start recording the live streams and uploading them to an archive where $5+ patrons can go on and download the latest streams. All this is contingent on my remembering to push the ‘record’ button prior to the stream. I have a big post it note reminding me, so fingers crossed.

The Bad

Not bad as in negative, bad as in 80’s slang for fucking awesome! Hooligalimarinzo, one of the talented contract artists we brought on for the trial run, has just delivered 30 renders! It’s the beginning of what I hope is an on going and constant stream of art to help get this game rolling on the fast track.

I’ve had a chance to review the work, and it’s exactly what we need in terms of saving me time from doing all the renders myself. It’s a great start and I very much look forward to seeing what else comes out of the 3rd party pipeline!

The Ugly

I’m still working on Amanda’s chapter. Some inspiration struck as it is wont to do and I ended up adding a triple ending to the scene. However, as those who’ve been joining me the live streams will attest, we have been making very good progress.

I want to do an image count sometime in the next 48 hours and figure out just how many renders we’re up to for this update because I get the feeling it’s a lot.

Of course, some time was stolen by me these last two weeks to set up all the infrastructure I need for the contract art work. But everything is in place and I’ve written up and codified all the SOP’s for development. With a clear vision of the future and a clean process for putting everything together from start to finish.

I’m convinced with me streaming four days a week and other parties working on the art as well, February will be a good month!

The next stream is slated for Tuesday, and as always I’ll send out some notifications right before we go live.

Salute! And thank you for your on going support!

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