2020-04-08 News

Been a hot while, figure I’d take a moment and let you know what’s been happening.

Crazy busy week on the game. Got a lot done this weekend in terms of coding up the new chapters and sorting out the code repositories. Still working out some bugs on the patch, but it’s getting closer and I’m hoping to release it for play test soon.

Had a little bit of time in the evenings to continue work on learning Blender. Nearly finished with my course on FK/IK Rigging and I’ve started doing some work on Cassie’s manual rigs for her Blender conversion. I included a screen shot just to demonstrate the amount of work and effort that goes into setting up a character for animation.

The upside is that rigging is something you only have to do once. Once she’s fully rigged up and ready to go, she’ll be hot for immediately implementation and that includes animations. I decided if I was going to do it I would do it right, so the course I’m taking involves the construction of complex rigs that can toggle between FK and IK or utilize a combination of the two. It’s daunting work but it’s making sense.

And the few tests I’ve run with the parts that have already been rigged have proven to be very effective and fast. Once over the initial rigging hump, posing, animating and scene creation will be fast, easy and gorgeous!

HOWEVER! This is only something I have been fooling with in the evening. Days are spent jumping back and forth between the real job and continued production on the game.

Work on the game has not stopped in light of all these fun new Blender advances, and the next few chapters currently in development are still being done in Daz. It may take a few more months before I have Blender ready for a single character’s story. So it’ll be a gradual roll out that occurs parallel to continued production of the game.

To that end, I’ll be doing live streams through the rest of the week showcasing the Daz artwork creation and the continued production of the game in it’s current state. So stay tuned because I’ll be going live in about thirty minutes.

Cheers mates!

(Note that the sample images included are not full renders. Just tests using some simple material for sampling.)

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