2020-04-20 News

Salute everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well in quarantine and all that. What can I say, life sucks right now! Not a moment of a peace to be had in this house hold. But fortunately, that hasn’t stopped progress.

Work continues on the game. The patch is nearly completed and will be ready for testing soon. As I’ve already stated, there is a lot in it and I’ll recap all that it contains when it’s time to release.

Once the patch is done I’ll be in a position to start releasing play tests of new material again. I’ve had to pause on releasing play tests until the patch is done because the new scenes take advantage of some of the code included in the patch.

Simultaneously developing several characters at once. Working on wrapping up Lupita’s first scene and then I’m going to bounce over to Cassie and start jamming on her art. As always, production is slow but steady.

Working on the game solo certainly slows development, but quality has not abated and the over all game continues to improve.

Live streams are sketchy at the moment. It’s hard to find quiet, uninterrupted time to ┬ádo a stream while the family is home. But I’m going to attempt to do at least an hour or two in the evenings sans microphone.

That’s all I got for the moment. I have a few ideas I’m working on that I want to run past my wonderful patrons a little later, but I have to finish fermenting those thoughts.

In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe. And we’ll talk again very soon.


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