2020-06-21 News

As I mentioned in the last post, I had some new female characters to introduce, but I wanted to give each one a little bit more of a treatment.

I know I’ve been spending a lot of time writing code, but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to write story. I’ve got a lot of manuscript just waiting for art. As I finish up character designs and the like I’ll dole out some of the new cast here and there.

Raena Larson: Director of Sales, Mirai Electronics, North America

Long story short, Raena can be a real ball buster. She’s a goal oriented leader that will do whatever she has to in order to make her quotas. With the failing of the operations division under Arthur Weathermoore, that’s been getting more and more difficult over the years. Convincing her that the old guard needs pushed out wont’ be a hard sell.

But she has her own agenda. And depending on how you play it, she can be your best ally, or your worst enemy.

Also, she’s married.

But when the hell has that ever mattered to anyone?

What Else You Got?

Replay Mode!

Coding is done. I have one more feature to add at a little later date, and that’s the ability to jump to any chapter of the game. It’s modular and dropping it in won’t be an issue, I just need some updated scenes now to test it out.

Here’s how it’s implemented. If you have cheat mode turned off, you can open it up and replay any chapter you’ve completed. You can make different choices, etc, and no matter what you do, it won’t have any effect on your current play through or save. So even if you make entirely new decisions, when you are done with your replay, you can return to your game and pick up right where you left off.

There is also a separate menu that will just let you play the sex scenes you’ve completed. So go for the full chapter or just the sweet spots. The choices is yours.

Now if cheat mode is turned on, you can play ANY chapter in the game and ANY sex scene. Same rules apply. As you play through, nothing gets saved and your current play through will remain intact. So once you’re done exploring or whatever, you can turn cheat mode off and pick up right where you left off. So that’s that.

Sex Scene Expansions!

One of the reasons I developed the “sex menu system” was because I wanted to give patrons a chance to add their own content to the game. Because the choices of kinks and preferences is so wide and diverse there was never any way I would satisfy them all.

For $250 (I know it’s a lot, but hell, it’s a lot of work), Patrons can purchase custom content for the game. Basically, if there is a sex scene in the game, and there is a particular activity, position, fetish, etc that you want to see added to the scene, you occupy one of the $250 slots, we’ll settle on the particulars, and then I’ll add the option to the sex menu for that scene as well as 20 to 30 renders to make it all happen.

Once the scene is done, I’ll release for everyone to enjoy.

Well now, thanks to the redesign of the code for the sex menu, the game picks up on what’s available and offers up the choices accordingly. So what’s the benefit?

Simply put, the way the system was set up before, I’d add the additional content and you’ve have it, like it or not. Now, you have the option of deleting or just not downloading any fetishes or content that you don’t want.

So let’s say a patron requested the opportunity to pump Lola, well if that’s your thing, you just don’t have to download it and your game will work fine. In other words, your sex menus will only include the things that you like. No need to bypass or scroll through content you don’t want, you can just remove it completely.

And then if you chose, you can download it again later, or download new scenes that you want, and just drop the files in and your game will pick the up and add them to the menu automatically. If you remove the files, the menu will take them off.

No crashes, no reloads, no restarts! No wasted time downloading an extra half hours worth of content that you aren’t even planning to play.

And since it’s all drag and drop, it means I can add as much as we want on the fly, and never have to code a thing. It also means there’s no upper limit to how much additional sexual content we can add. Having it doled out separate packages pretty makes the sexual content a la carte.

Take what you want, leave the rest on the buffet.

Writing, Writing, Writing, Render, Render, Render

This week I’m about 80/20 on the creative/coding ratio.

Now that all the upgrades are done I’m in the process of upgrading all the existing content to work with the new code structure. It’s not difficult and shouldn’t take long. Just need to get it done. That’s the 20%.

The remaining 80% this week should all be spent on content creation! So I’m stoked about that. I’m hoping maybe Tuesday and Friday, or maybe Tuesday and Saturday getting some live streaming in. I miss doing that!

As things settle down and I get into a routine, I should be able to start picking up three or four live streams a week if all goes well. Just have to see how things shake out.

That’s all I’ve got for now and I’ll let you know when I’m streaming that sweet Cassie content! 

Salute mates!

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