2020-08-05 Micro-news

 A test render from last nights queue. Too good not to share. I have to say, letting the image burn till 95% is reached has a dramatic impact on the final result. This image is just straight from the output. There is little no post processing required which saves even more time.

Now that I don’t have to code and I’m working only on content creation, I realized last night that I have more than enough art in the queue to keep even two computers running hard overnight. I took some time this morning to start putting together the parts list for the third. My goal is that with enough support and a few more releases under the belt, five or six months from now I should have three computers handling over night renders while I build multiple character story lines during the day.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be bringing you a fresh steady stream of new material in the coming months! 

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