2020-09-03 News

Apologize for the lateness of the news brief. Been meaning to do it for a while and kept getting side tracked by streaming. So here’s where we are.


Much! So much! I’ve managed to get in streams last week and thus far every day this week! The code conversion process seems to be working very well and I’m able to simultaneously convert code and create images. This has actually made putting the streams together a lot easier.

Since everything can be done quickly and on the fly, I don’t really have to do any prep work before a stream. I just can fire up the Picarto and pick up right where I left off the day before, run the script, make the art, and move forward. That said, what have we gotten done?

This week’s streams by themselves have seen the set up for 186 images. Combined with last week’s two streams that puts us at over 250 images across 6 streams. That’s amazing!

Not trying to brag, but I think some of the artwork coming out of the queue is some of the best we’ve seen yet for the game!


My plan is to keep this initiative going and continue doing the streams on a near daily basis. Now that all I’m doing is creating content there is no reason not to let you fine people watch the progress happen in real time.

There will of course be days here and there where the real job demands a bit more attention and streaming is not possible. But as long as things continue to settle down and life is returning to normal, I think I can safely commit to two or three hours a day Monday thru Friday doing streams.

PC Builds

This continues to be a work on progress. I have almost all the parts for the second PC. I’m still waiting on parts to come in, but as soon as it’s done I’ll have that built and start work on building the third PC.

If I can continue doing streams and loading up the queue with ready renders, having multiple systems banging out the final images will relieve that last real bottle neck in the system. So I’m incredibly excited about that as well.

Friday Stream

Having gotten so much done this week, I want to finish strong on Friday. My plan right now is to start streaming around 10:00AM EST and do a five hour stream that runs till about 3:00PM EST. It’ll be a long haul, but I’m hoping that during that time period I’ll be able to get nearly two additional scenes done for Cassie’s chapter. That’d be a huge win for the week and I’m excited about giving it a go.

As always I’ll fire out notifications when I’m getting ready to start. I’m looking forward to bailing on the real job for a day and just devoting a bunch of time to the game.

That’s about all I have for now. Looking forward to bringing you new content soon!

Thank you for your patience. I salute you!

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