2020-11-12 News

Ok! So for those of you that watched the travesty that was our first two live streams this week, I have good news, mission accomplished!

For those who don’t know, we spent two days of live streams watching Daz load, freeze, reboot, load, freeze, reboot…etc. The assets I had originally purchased for the scene (which were supposed to be optimized with fancy instances and bullshit) simply proved too unwieldly for a pair of RTX 1070’s. Absurd, right?

So I toyed around with rewriting the scene to keep the dialogue but change the location. But unfortunately I wanted this location for other character chapters as well. So I spent much of yesterday shopping around for new assets and found some that work.

Not only do they work, they work great! The above test render took only ~14 minutes to hit 95% conversion. And that’s pretty much where today went. Building, testing, and making sure this is going to work for future chapters.

With that done, we should be able to burn through this scene in relatively short order. We’re closing in on the hot stuff and soon we’ll be putting together the final stuff for Cassie’s chapters.

Between difficult assets and an unexpected hurricane that wasn’t supposed to hit us, it’s been a rough week. So I’m happy I was able to salvage something of it and get this to work.

For the record, the hurricane itself wasn’t a big deal. I’m out of the storm surge area and the winds were manageable, it’s the Florida lightning I have to watch for with this hardware. But it’s come and gone and it’s clear skies today. So here’s to hoping for a smooth weekend.

Almost Forgot!

I’ve been hard at work updating the previous chapters to work with the new v2.x.x interface. So hopefully by the time we have Cassie’s chapter done I’ll have all the previous work recoded using the python script and we’ll be mostly bug free! Here’s to hoping for no more save breaks!

Alright, that’s all I got for now. Cheers mates and here’s to a productive weekend!


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