2020-11-26 News

Oh man, I’m so close I can taste her….it…..I meant to say it. Can taste it. Fuck it. Whatever!

But it’s true. We’re in the final stretch of the Cassie update. When it’s done I should have over 20k words (1/5th of a fucking novel), and over 600 images. It’s a meaty fucking update. And because of the previous improvements to the process, this was done in less time than it took to do Amanda’s last update.

I think this is an excellent start and the new process at this point is pretty thoroughly tested.


So the new framework is doing well. I’ve begun the process of writing some quick scripts that will convert the old material to work with the new infrastructure. That’s going good and so far I’ve converted and tested Nanami’s first chapter. Near as I can tell that’s working flawlessly. My goal is to have all the old material made compatible with the new framework about the same time as I finish Cassie’s chapter. So in another couple weeks I’m hoping.

You’ll have to start over, but hopefully this will be the last time you ever have to. A major goal with this code rework was to fix the issue with broken saves. Only time will tell if I was successful, but again, I’m optimistic.

Cassie’s Chapter

We’ve had a lot of fun streaming the creation of Cassie’s content thus far. I’ve streamed nearly every minute of artwork production for this chapter and I’ve enjoyed interacting with people as I do it. It’s fun not working in isolation.

But that said, I’m making the decision to not stream the creation of Cassie’s sex scenes. I want to keep that as kind of a surprise for people who watch the live streams. At this point, Cassie’s three sex scenes (yeah I said three!) are the only thing left to render. I anticipate it taking another week or three, but I aim to have this update out before the end of the year.

Next Playtest

This Friday I’ll release the playtest for Cassie’s 8th Scene and the Nanami Chapter 01 conversion.

Following that I’ll have Cassie’s 9th Scene ready sometime next week and so on and so forth.

I’d like to see a new playtest available every week going forward. With the extra computer running renders this is potentially possible. But it’ll be subject to the demands of the scene. Some scenes will naturally be a bit more complicated and require some more time to set up. But in generally, I want to get into the habit of weekly playtests that lead to bug free distributions every two or three months.

This is the goal. Let’s work together and see what we can achieve!

Live Streaming

So does that mean no more live streaming until it’s done? Not at all!

There is currently a character poll up for $5+ patrons to vote on who the next character is we work on. That poll ends on Sunday night and by Monday we can start streaming work on the next character.

While I finish Cassie’s material offline, you can scope out the work being done on the next release right away. I’ll stream new content during the day and in the afternoon and evening I’ll quietly crank out the rest of the Cassie stuff on my own time.

But that’s my general plan for the future! Constantly Streaming and constantly showing you new work!

There are no more improvements I can make to the code. No more features or changes I want to add it. From here on out, this is all we are doing together! Writing stories and making the art for it. It’s the simplest and most fun part of the process.

And the best part is, you’ll always have a chance to be there and participate! Nothing but clear blue skies ahead!

Fan Art Discord Channel

And of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the creation of the New Fan Art Channel on Discord.

Our friend Ickerax volunteered to set up and maintain the channels and I’m excited to see what becomes of them. We have three new channels under The Senses header. They are:

 amana-character-presets where I have provided all the exact formulas for the characters.

fan-art where you can post your very own creations

fan-art-chat where you can discuss and chit chat about the different work in the fan art gallery.

This channel of course has my full support and if any of you enterprising artists want to take a crack at making something sexy with my characters, feel free. And if you need any help, suggestions, or instruction with Daz or the character themselves, don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m happy to help!


Anyway, that’s all I have for today! For those celebrating holidays this week I wish you the best. I look forward to talking to you all again very soon!

I thank you all for your patience, your support and your continued encouragement! You make this project a pleasure to work on!

As ever I do, I salute you!

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