2020-12-12 News

Well damn! For once I don’t have much to report.

Things are running pretty…..NO, I won’t say it. Ever time I do I fucking jinx it.

Let’s just say things are. They just are.

The Experiment

I guess there is one thing I could mention that’s pretty exciting, at least to me. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a full time developer. But I always wonder, what if I was?

Well December and January are pretty dead months at the regular jobbo and no one misses me if I take a bunch of time off. So as an experiment, I’ve cashed in a bunch of PTO and pretty much reduced my “regular work week” down to about 10 hours a week.

Which means for the month of December and January I get to play at being a full time developer and seeing just how much I can reasonably get done in a month. Now this month is kinda screwed up because of the holiday, but so far I’d say it’s been good.

I’ve been able to release a new play test every week for the last three weeks, and I’m on pace again to do it this week. If January goes as well, then I think it’s a safe to say we could expect weekly playtests and a new chapter every month or two. (This chapter is particularly robust at 21k words and over 600 images, not including the alternate nude and lingerie images.

Let me do some math and we’ll see if we can’t put together a goal for “Full Time Development”. I know you want it, I certainly want it. And if I can continue to development full time thru January, we should have a good idea of what we can expect when that happens.

New compy is built and rendering (still GPU issues but that’s ok the processors are kicking ass in their place).

And next week we’ll continue with the live streams while I crank out Cassie’s sex scenes.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you all online Monday for a Lupita stream.

Cheers mates!

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