2020-12-31 News

Alright! Another news report where I have pretty much nothing to say.

In a way, these are the best because that means everything is chugging along as it should and I’m not doing anything but making art in Daz for the game.

With December pretty much wrapped up, that marks one month of pseudo full time production and quite a bit got done. We’ve nearly finished with Cassie and gotten started on Lupita.

Soon as I finish up with Cassie, I’ll host another poll to see who else we can start on along side Lupita to keep this train rolling.

I was going to Stream some Lupita this week, but with the wonky schedule I’ve been putting in during the holiday break, it made more sense to just continue jamming on Cassie.

On that note, I should have another minor Cassie playtest tomorrow for scenes 11 and 12. It’s only a few thousands words and about thirty or forty images, but it’s they are the last two scenes before I’m left with doing nothing but generating the sex scenes.

Each sex scene has four sub-scenes (positions). Each subscene is about 500 words and will have about a dozen or so images to go with it.

After that there is a little bit of dialogue and we’re done!

Can’t tell you how excited I am to present this chapter. And hopefully by the time it’s out, we’ll be halfway through with Lupita.

I am very happy with the pace we’ve been moving finally and don’t forget, I still have all of January I can devote to full time production. (Going back to the real job in February is going to suuuuuuuuuuck!)

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Next week I’ll start in on Lupita again and we’ll level out the schedule and get the live streams going again.

Look forward to talking to you tomorrow or Saturday where hopefully I can drop some fresh material for play testing.

Cheers mates!

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