2021-01-14 News (The Attached Image will not be in the Game)

I realize I missed my usual news brief last week. There was a lot going on not just with the game but in politics and it was hard not to take a moment to stop and follow how things were progressing.

But I didn’t allow myself a prolonged distraction and work on the game did progress.

So why the silence?

Cassie, Cassie and more Cassie

As previously noted, I took off December and January from the real job and have spent these two months focused entirely on the game. We had a good pace going and I was happily jumping back and forth between Cassie and Lupita, streaming one and quietly working on the other.

But then I realized that January is already half over and I still have much Cassie left to do. In light of that fact I have decided to double down on Cassie so that I can get her chapter released this month. Which pretty much meant no streaming because general opinion seemed to be that people didn’t want the sex scene streamed because of potential spoilers. And then today happened….

Streams On!

I realized that over the course of the last few months, I very much enjoyed having you folks looking over my shoulder while I worked. It’s not like we have long robust conversations during a stream, but knowing that other people are watching gives me a reason to periodically narrate and every once in awhile we engage in conversation.

This last week of working alone in silence kind of had me missing that connect with you people. So today I said fuck it. I’m going to stream and I’ll just slap a big disclaimer on the post notifying everyone of what we’re doing and if they don’t want to watch they can safely avoid it.

And then we had a good stream. Another solid few hours of work and many, MANY sexy images! It was fun and there was decent turn out. (I mean, decent for a small time porn developer no one has heard of). HA! The second I typed the word “porn” I just had a Patreon disclaimer pop up warning about the community guidelines.

Guess big brother is always watching, even as I type!

But I digress…

I think going forward I’m going to stick to the mantra that if I’m working on art, I’m streaming. I’ll just sure to notify everyone of what I’ll be working on each day so that if there is something you may want to avoid, you’ll have that option.

So what’s left to do?!

Cassie has two sex events that comprise about 4 scenes each. I’m 3/4 of the way done with the first event, and then we have just the second to complete and we done!

I’m still working on converting old chapters to work with the new platform, but that’s still going to take some time (the old code is a hot damned mess).

What may end up happening is I throw in a quick “what was your points like” at the beginning of the game and post up the Cassie chapter in it’s entirety for all patrons to play while I continue working on the full v2.x.x release. But we’ll see, I’m still assessing where I’ll be when I finally finish up Cassie stuff.

We’ll talk more about that when I’m closer to done and have had more time to formulate a proper release plan.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now.

Hope to you see tomorrow for another stream!

Cheers mates!

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