2021-02-05 News

I know I just did one of these news releases on Tuesday, but this week has been such a success I felt it worth capitalizing on it.

Live Streams

We had a great week of Streams. Five days this week, four to five hours each day! We averaged 10 to 15 new renders a day and have completed all but the last ‘position’ for Cassie’s final sex scene of the chapter. That means, one or two more streams of this caliber and we’ll be done with the chapter.

I really do enjoy streaming with you folks. And the number of new faces this week has been exciting. Met a few new people and enjoyed talking with new players and Daz enthusiasts (I mean, no one is really enthusiastic about Daz, but you know what I mean.)

Personal goal: If we go full time working on the game, I’d like to commit to a minimum of 4 days a week for a minimum of 4-5 hours at a stretch. If we were in a position to put in 20+ hours a week on just the art! Holy shit we’d fly through this. The remaining 20 hours would then be spent doing writing each week, post production on the images we made during the week, and then building out new playtests almost weekly.

Live Stream Recordings

Oh yeah, and in case I forgot to mention it. Since I’m getting serious about the streams, I’ve gone ahead and dumped a monthly tribute to Picarto. With that paid subscription our streams are now recorded and automatically published. So you can now watch any of the week’s streams going back to Wednesday when I began the subscription.

Just visit our Picarto channel at: https://picarto.tv/doctoramana and pick “videos”.

I want to do some live polls during the streams in the future. Maybe pick ‘positions’ and what not during the art creation. Major story arcs and development schedules will still be determined by patrons via polls. But this gives the stream watchers a chance to help me make some choices and influence the art in more subtle ways. It should be fun!

Such Anticipation!

I know it’s been a long time getting here, but I thank you all for hanging in there and toughing it out with me. The more time I spend working on this game, like actually working on art and not dicking around with code and buggy interfaces, the more excited it makes me.

And the more excited I am about the game, the more annoyed I get with the real job blues. If we get this update out, and can maintain 20 hours  a week on art, we might see some actual growth. If we can hit a mere $2k a month, I could survive as a full time developer. What was once a pipe dream is now within reach. Just got a little further to go.

In fact I get a hard on just thinking about sending you guys out weekly playtests and new updates every two or three months. Like seriously! I’m raging right now!

Anyway. It’s been a great week for the game and I look forward to it being one of many to come!

For those that watched, thanks for joining me and I’ll see you again soon!


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