2021-02-13 News

Well, few things I want to touch base on, so let’s just jump in.

Another Great Week!

This week we nailed another four streams and on Thursday, we jammed out a 6 hour stream session to finish up Cassie – Chapter 03!

You heard me right, the artwork for Cassie’s next release is DONE!

As of this afternoon, there were 155 images in the render queue. I’m estimating about another 30 hours of rendering and the art will be done.

So When Is the Release Date?!

Even this close to completion I still don’t want to put a date on it simply because every time I estimate how long something will take, I’m wrong.

At best I can say that I’m targeting this week. Once the images have rendered I still have to do post production. Fortunately, the quality of our renders are so good these days that there is very little to do in post. Running post on three or four hundred images should only take a few hours.

What’s in the New Release?

Just Cassie’s new material. I went round and round about how best to convert the old material to work with the new code base and gui, and in the end there were just too many changes to make the conversion worthwhile.

I want to upgrade the content in v1.1.5, not just import it. So over the next year I’ll slowly work on updating the content from v1.1.5 to match the quality, style and code structure of v.2x.x.

But don’t worry! We’re not stopping for a reboot!

Then What the Hell are We Doing?!

In the next release, I have included a short cut for players to replicate their relationship status for characters. You start the game, flag which path you were on for each character you met in 1.1.5, and then run through a short tutorial that outlines the new features of the game.

Once that tutorial is done, it takes you straight to the character menu and allows you to jump into Cassie’s chapter immediately on the path you were previously on.

Then, as I add new content, it’ll just get added to the character menu and you can continue to play the game and all the new upcoming content without headache or hassle.

As I eventually rework the old content it’ll get added to the game and players wishing to see the new material can either start a new game, or use the “Replay Scene” feature in the new release to go back and just check out the scenes without effecting their current playthrough.

When are You Planning to Rework the Old Stuff?

My goal is to continue streaming 4 to 5 times a week. 4 days a week will be spent working on new content, and on those weeks I can squeeze in a 5th day, we’ll spend that Friday working on the old content (hoping the day 5 streams will be more often than not).

It’ll be a slow process but I want to make sure that 95% of my time going forward is spent on new content. That’s my promise to you and since I’ll be streaming the work live, you can give me shit if I start to break it.

My Commitment

I know 2020 was a rough year. Pandemics, limited travel and a shit ton of coding with nothing to show for it. Well we’re about to show for it.

I spent 5 months last year writing a Python script that would take my story and code it for the game. I rewrote the code with a much better understanding of what the game would need and wouldn’t need going forward. And in the last four months we have done playtest after playtest using Cassie’s new content to ensure all that effort is working. And it is.

The Python conversion script has proven an invaluable tool for shaving hours upon hours off of the development time. Compartmentalizing the gui and data structure has given me the freedom to make countless minor adjustments over the last few months without breaking saves or crashing the game. We are in the best possible place for moving forward.

The goal this last year was to get into a position where all I have to do to produce this game is write story, and make pictures. And I’m thrilled to say we’re there!

In keeping with my open kimono style of development, I plan to stream all the art work we create and keep you 100% in the loop with every stage of development. You’ll know as much as I do at any given time about where we’re at making this game.

That’s my commitment to you as players, patrons and fans for as long as I’m working on this game. If I go silent for more than a couple of weeks, assume I’m dead or in a coma and cancel your pledges immediately!

Sounds Awesome, What Now?

Now I continue using my weekend to polish a few more things in the gui, continue to render the images and do post, and on Monday, we start streaming again.

The next chapter we’re working on is Lupita and we’ve already started that work in previous streams. Time to pick up where we left off and get Lupita’s story air born.

There are exciting times ahead, and I look forward to bringing you the best adult entertainment I can throughout 2021 and beyond!

Thank you for toughing this out with me and helping keep this project going.

Now let’s get to work!


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