2021-02-27 Post Release News

Well, we did it! Approximately 24 hours ago the latest version of the game was published. And so far, things are looking great!

Here are some of the successes worth celebrating with this release!

Major Wins!

  • 1,373 New Images in this Chapter
  • 32,788 Words (including short hand used to code for Renpy)
  • 24 hours after release, No Game Breaking or Exception throwing bugs reported.
  • The Scrivener to Renpy Conversion script developed over the summer of 2020 has taken over nearly 100% of the coding tasks.
  • Early reviews of the new content have been overwhelmingly positive.

Moving Forward

So this is it. We’re officially back in the game. The goal now is to ride this wave and sail forward with new production.

I’m spending this weekend retuning some of the Lupita script and on Monday morning we start fresh with a new series of Live Streams. I see no reason to delay and I’m eager to dig right in and get started on the next release immediately!

Lupita’s chapter won’t be quite as long as the Cassie chapter we just saw, but that should mean less downtime before the next content drop.

It has been my intent for some time to work on multiple characters at once. And since the coming chapters will be a bit shorter and released faster than Cassie’s, I may consider doing a mid-week split.

Maybe spend Monday-Wednesday Working on Lupita, Thursday working on Jane or some other character, and then finish up Friday with Reworking old content or developing assets in Blender. Not sure how or if I’m going to split it up.

But regardless of how we cut it, we are primarily focused on producing new content faster, better and sexier than ever before!

Thank You!

I know this was a long slog to get to this point. A lot of promises were made and many of you put faith in their eventual fulfillment. Now that we’re here, I hope you feel your trust was well placed! We cut out 1/3 of the development process entirely, we’ve begun steady work on new material, and my commitment to being 100% open with every aspect of development remains firm.

Thank you to all those who’ve hung in there with me. And double thanks to all the $10 patrons who have been play testing this chapter all along the way and helping to ensure that the final product shipped out yesterday was as bug free as I could have possibly made it.

Alright, I guess that’s enough celebrating and circle jerking. Time to get back to work and sally-fucking-forth!

Cheers mates!

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