2021-03-13 News

Alright, it’s that time again let. So let’s recap the week.

Cassie’s Alt Game Mode Images (Nude and Lingerie)

As I’m sure you $20+ patrons are aware, I have not yet provided the alternate images for the recently released Cassie chapter. I am still working on these. We created the images during the original artwork creation for Cassie’s chapter. But in an attempt to get Cassie’s chapter out as quickly as possible I hadn’t queued many of them until it was done.

I’ve had the machines running night and day working to play catch up and as soon as these assets are done I’ll post up the link. If you were a $20+ Patron in the Month of February or March, I owe you these images. Even if you’ve reduced or removed your pledge since.

Going forward I’m going to render these alternate images at the same time I do the core content so that there is no lag.

Where were the Live Streams?

This week didn’t provide much of an opportunity to do the streaming. The real job kept encroaching upon my time (go figure the bastards want me to work on their shit during the time they’re paying for instead of working on my game…the pricks).

However, I did spend my evenings and afternoons working on other aspects of the game. Some character designs were finished and some additional rewrites done to tighten up the story. Some additional improvements and modules were written for the Scrivener to Python Conversion script to add some additional functionality that I felt would offer us more variety in the story.

Now that the conversion machine is built it’s proved to be incredibly easy to expand. The last upgrade automatically writes almost 30 lines of code based on a six character notation in the script. It’s a massive time saver because it not only writes the code but does so the same every time to ensure it’s error free. So no debugging required.

Thus the week wasn’t lost, I just didn’t have any convenient mornings available to do an uninterrupted stream.

Script Re-Writes

One of my goals for moving forward is to have chapters that are shorter but dense. A lot of action in a tiny well paced package. Cassie’s chapter, while fun to do and play, can’t be a template for chapters going forward. Counting from when work on her chapter actually started, it took three to four months to put together. I want updates to be faster than that.

That said I’m going to start pacing out some of the plot in the hopes that we can achieve an update schedule of every month and a half to two months. This will give a nice steady stream of new content while allowing us to cycle through characters more frequently.

This means most new chapters will play out around the length of Amanda’s last chapter. A healthy amount of content with enough forward momentum to keep the story moving.

It is with this goal in mind I’ve started going through portions of the script and viciously trimming fat. Ultimately this was a good thing because in re-writing Emily’s newest chapter I had a ton of content that could not only be introduced at a later time, but could be done so in a much more dramatic and enjoyable fashion. All the while plot points I had in mind for later found opportunity to get introduced earlier and in a much more satisfying way. I’m just as excited about Emily’s upcoming chapter as I was about Cassie’s and as I am about Lupita now. (What can I say, I love my characters!)

Poll Results

Which reminds me, Emily won our recent “~Who’s Next” poll.

So when Lupita’s chapter is concluded, expect Emily’s to follow.

The 3-1-1 Plan

Starting next week I want to begin the 3-1-1 plan. I want to spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday working on Lupita. Thursday I want to spend working on Emily, and then if we are lucky and get to squeeze in a Friday stream, spend this day working on old content or creating custom assets in Blender.

That’s the tentative plan and if it works like hope, by the time we’re finishing up with Lupita we’ll be half way done with Emily. Emily can then move to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the next character can fill up the Thursday slot.

We’ll give a go starting next week and see how it plays out.

Character Cards

Finally, I’ve started putting together character cards to introduce new characters as they’re completed. They aren’t anything special, just quick easy renders and some back story. Since they’re so effortless to make I want to do a series of them, one for each character in the game.

I’ll go back and do some for the characters we’ve already met and as they’re done post them under the ‘characters’ tag on Patreon and Subscribestar. I’ve also created a channel in the discord to collect this as well. Think of it as the out of game equivalent of the journal for players to reference or review.

Again, I know they don’t add much. They’re just easy to make and I think they look pretty sweet when they’re done. I won’t try and convince you it’s any deeper than that. =D


Alright, that’s all I got for now. The real job might not have left me with any uninterrupted time to stream, but between those interruptions I’m still very happy with how much was accomplished. I’ll spend this weekend continuing my education on creating a Blender -> Substance -> Daz pipeline for custom environments and assets. And then on Monday, we kick off again fresh and drive forward with Lupita.

Everyone have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you soon.


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