2021-04-12 News

Time for another one of my favorite “nothing to report” posts!


Chugging right along. All systems are go. The Scrivener to Renpy Converter is working perfectly. The new Image Verification Script used to track down missing or mislabeled images is proving itself an invaluable time saver. And the Content Packaging Tool for scanning the game folder and stripping out the new content and uploading it to Mega is working flawlessly.

In fact, once the images for Lupita’s latest playtest were rendered they were post processed, packaged and uploaded in only a few hours instead of the couple of days it used to take.

No more running the game and searching for missing images and then spending hours tracking them down and re-rendering them. And good bye to manually hunting and pecking for files that changed between releases and manually dragging them into a separate directory for zipping and distribution.

At this point I don’t honestly know where I can trim any more fat from this process.

And the Art?

Getting faster and better with each live stream. The complex scene in which Emily is sitting in the restaurant was done in about four hours. That’s building the entire room from scratch, populating it with people and assets, lighting it and doing the test render. And of course now that it’s built we can use it over and over again for future scenes.

I’m almost amazed myself at how quick I’m getting at setting up the lights. That used to be the time consuming part because after each adjustment you had to wait a minute or two for the test render to complete before the next adjustment could be made. Emily’s scene I think I nailed in the first pass.

So what’s next?

We just continue to write and render. That’s about it. I’ve got Lupita’s next scenes lined up for this week’s live streams and we’ll be working on Emily simultaneously. The goal is to have Emily more than half way done by the time we wrap up Lupita so that it’s just a short jump to Emily’s release.

Barring any odd complications (meaning bizarre chuckle fuckery with Daz), we should be able to maintain the pace of working on two, possibly three characters going forward.

I said 2021 would be our year! So far it’s panning out. We’ve got three scenes done for Lupita already and many more in the hopper.

That’s about all I have for now! At the moment we have a strong wind, clear horizon and gentle waters. Let’s keep moving forward!

As always, thanks for your support and we’ll talk soon!


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