2021-05-05 News – Changes to Streaming

What the hell man?! More changes?!

Don’t worry, hopefully like the others this is a good thing.

Lately I’ve been trying to downsize all the administrative stuff that I’m doing for the game. Especially in light of the real job hammering me a little harder than usual it’s been a goal to try and wrangle as many minutes of the day as possible for work on the game.

The live streaming is good and I’m going to continue doing that indefinitely. However, putting a stream together is a bit of a production. I have to figure out what I’m working on. Get my assets ready. Slot the time and figure out when I can get an uninterrupted block for a stream. Then I have to build the notifications and post them on Discord, Subscribestar, Patreon, and sometimes two or more threads on F95.

Anyway, short story made long, we’re not doing that anymore. Now that I’m bouncing back and forth between various pieces of software it’s no longer efficient for me to just put together a Daz Stream during a convenient block of time during the day.

Going forward (starting like right now) I’m just going to sit down, flick on the camera and the mic, and get to work. I may get in an hour, I may get in four. I may get in four one hour streams during the day when it’s convenient. Who knows.

The point is that I’ll be free to utilize every free moment of the day to get something done on the game. A stream may just be asset creation and modification. It may be working on a scene. It may be Character creation. But whatever it is, the camera will be on and as often as possible the mic will be up.

For those who still want notifications of streaming times, I encourage you to sign up to Picarto. It’s free and from there you can request notifications be sent when I go live.

Also, since I have a 12 video limit on Picarto and many of you seem to be utilizing this feature, I’ll work on putting together a directory where $5+ patrons can download any previous stream. (I’ve been recording them all along there just hasn’t been much reason or space to post access). This will ensure that if I run 12 mini streams during the week (not very likely) you’ll still have access to the previous week’s work and beyond.

I’m excited about stepping up the pace of development. Let’s throw this thing into high gear!


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