2021-06-16 News

Alright, let’s do this one more time from the top!

It’s official, I’m sick of writing!

But on the upside I have a shit ton of first draft and plot structure laid out. On the one hand it’s been very invigorating doing so much writing these last few weeks. Once I had the plot lines for initial characters laid down a wave of inspiration washed over me and I had all these ideas in my head I wanted to lay down. But after a few weeks of developing story, I’m ready to get back to the meat and bones of things.

Polls will resume at the end of next week as we start deciding which characters’ stories to lay down in final draft. This week and next I want to finish up the artwork for the chapters we currently have in production. We’re about halfway done with three chapters and I want to see those get wrapped up before moving on to the next stage.

I realized today that I haven’t signed on to Patreon since the last news update, so I have some messages I need to respond to as well as making the rounds on the forums and discord.

I’ll spend some time today and tomorrow playing catch up on the messages and replying to all of you who’ve been so patiently awaiting my attention.

I’ll probably start back in with some streaming tomorrow and Friday as I hammer out the remaining artwork for the chapters in progress. Currently we have Emily, Lupita and Jane all in various stages of completion.

My tentative goal for July is to have all three completed and ready for release. That means July should be a three chapter month if all proceeds on track. I pretty much have all the assets I need and the characters are finalized. So let’s push this through and get another big release going for next month.

That’s pretty much all I got for now. We’ll talk soon!

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