2021-07-02 News

Hello again friends. Time for a little news.


Progress on the game continues unabated. Albeit a little slow these last two weeks because of the real job encroaching on my time. But that aside we’re moving along well. I’m in the middle of three new chapters and a single update chapter and we’re about half way on each.

My plan is to shift focus a bit for the next couple of weeks and work on driving the to completion one by one.

The writing for the previous poll winners was completed but I’m holding off on another art vote until I get these next chapters done and released. Then we’ll fire up the cycle again near the middle/end of July to determine what content we’ll produce in August.


Between working on renders I’ve been slowly expanding my 3D tool set. I’ve recently gotten a grip on volumetric lighting from scratch as well as surfacing and texturing in Substance Painter. I’ve made a number of custom props already for the game and have a few rooms for upcoming scenes in the pipeline.

At this point I’ve sent enough assets back and forth through Daz, Blender and Substance that I’m finally feeling at ease with the process and can jump back and forth with ease. This means custom props can be rapidly built, textured and imported into the game rapidly.

Is that all?!

I really wish I had more to share than that, but what can I say, we’re sailing along now.

We all hoped that sooner or later these news reports were going to get briefer and briefer as we slowly conquered all the challenges we faced making this game.

So in that regard I’m happy to say we’re still in a good spot. Code writes itself. Custom assets are now within our ability to make freeing us up to tell any story we’d like. And well, the story has been plotted start to finish and all that remains is to finish writing the scenes.

Test renders are being posted regularly again on the Discord for those unable or unwilling to watch the live streams. So yeah. Here we are!

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. I’m going to keep jamming on this game and with all due luck we’ll see one or more updates before the end of July.

Fingers crossed!

Cheers mates and thanks for the support.


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