A Roger for Every Occasion

Evening Friends.

Just wanted to stop in for a quick update.

As we discussed in our previous weekly news release, we’ve worked out importing and exporting character between games. And thus while up until this point, what Roger looked like was unimportant, with the opportunity for him to reemerge as a side character in a later game, it suddenly becomes relevant to define some of his features.

Without further ado, the above four images represent your options for what your Roger will look like.

Now don’t worry, for purposes of immersion we intend to continue doing as we have and show very little of Roger’s facial features during the playthrough of the game. We want you to feel immersed in the story. Our hope is that by having a cross section of skin tones we can help deepen that sense of immersion for everyone!

Now we know our selection isn’t all inclusive, but we strove to select a series of skin shades that together would represent the widest cross section possible. Without going into all the nuances of race and culture, we figure this balance will cover a lot of ground and four additional layers is a manageable amount of extra work.

Naturally we’d like to include every race, color and culture possible but that would obviously stretch our development time out considerably and add greatly to the size of the game. So please understand that this selection was based on technical factors, not social ones.

And of course while we still refer to this character as Roger (the default name), when we hit the road with the updated UI you will have the option to name your character. While he may always be Roger to us, we’re doing everything we can to let you take him and make him your own.

Enough outta me, gotta get back to work.

Cheers mates!

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