Alpha 0.1.0

Here it is, the first scene in the storyboard. We know it isn’t much, but you know what they say about the building of Rome. We were just so excited to lay the first few blocks that we decided to share it with you now.

So already it’s early in the project and we’ve decided on some pretty big design changes. At first, we thought this story would be kind of an ongoing epic. Traditional in it’s plot with a beginning, middle and end. But as we wrote the story we found ourselves getting bogged down in scenes that were nothing but exposition. I mean, after all, we promised to stay focuses on the “adult” part of this thing.

So in a late night meeting we decided to scrap the story as we envisioned it and came up with a whole new concept. Instead of writing the day to day adventures or misadventures of the main character, what if we just focused on the parts of the story that are saucy and exciting? We decided to skip all of the boring in between stuff and get right to the meat of the deal.

To do this, we decided to frame the story as an ongoing dialogue between the main character and his sexual therapist. This gave us the freedom to focus the story on only the most interesting parts and skip all of the bullshit that would bog us down between the scenes we really wanted to write and you really wanted to read.

So rather than have a complicated story with all of these interwoven parts that would be difficult to manage, maintain and transition between, we broke the story up into a series of interactive vignettes that let you get straight to the good stuff.

So without further ado, the first of these scenes has been storyboarded and made available to you. It’s only a single scene, we know. But by writing the story in this fashion we can put together a faster distribution schedule and release updates every couple of weeks instead of every month.

So please, play through and let us know what you think. There is more to come very soon.




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