Cindarella’s Dress?

Time to make a decision regarding your house keeper. Maintaining a home is no doubt very hard work. The scrubbing, the cleaning, the mopping, the laundry, the dishes, the dusting. And for a hard working woman like Lupita, taking pride in the quality of her work is very important to her. It’s honest labor and when the job is done, there is something very real to show for it.

But would a woman like Lupita wear while doing such laborious work?

A. Respect:

Lupita isn’t just a house keeper, she’s a perfectionist. She has pride, passion and self respect. She wants that to reflect in the way she shows up for work. Always dressed neatly and ready to tend to the daily chores, she makes sure that she is always maintains a respectable presentation.

B. Utility:

Cleaning houses is messy work. Lupita goes in and cleans places the owner of the home would rather not know about. She digs into dust, dirt and day old dishes. The last thing she wants to do is ruin a new pair of pants or her favorite shirt. Especially when she has so little money to buy new clothes. It may not be the most professional look, but it is certainly the most practical given the nature of the job.

C.  Endurance:

Lupita has done well for herself by ensuring her clients are very well to do people. Unfortunately this means their homes are often quite large. She works long hours every day, walking, climbing, kneeling, crawling. It takes its toll. Given all of the ups and downs the day brings, dressing for comfort is important when it comes to making sure she has the energy to make it to the end of that super long shift. 

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POLL ENDS: October 27th, 2018

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