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Good evening everyone. So here we are again at a crossroads and need to take a proper sounding. This poll is open to all Patrons as once again this is something impactful to everyone.

The matter of tier rewards has once more come back around full circle. For those who’ve been with us awhile, you know we started with a tiering system that was built around added content. The amount of extra effort that was required to maintain this structure was just too much.

Thus we voted, and agreed to drop down to a more traditional model. Basic rewards at every tier. Renders, Walkthroughs, animations. We copied what others were doing and tried to work towards fulfilling what seemed to be traditional expectations.But the truth is, we have full time jobs, families and other obligations that require a portion of our week. Right now we are only averaging about 20 hours a week on the game. This is a horribly insufficient amount of time. (And far less than we prefer).

With that in mind, we want to lighten our load when it comes to tier maintenance altogether. We are proposing a move to a two tier system.

  • $1 gets you Early game access.
  • $5 gets you EVERYTHING! Early access, Polling, Walkthroughs, Animations, Character Nudes, Teaser Images, and any additional bonuses we throw out during the month.

The weekly update would go public again but be void of any nude teasers per Patreon’s T’s & C’s.

For those at $10 up, you now have extra cash that you can use to support multiple creators which is really a win-win for the community.

So sound off! Let us know what you think.

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