Get Ready Beta Testers!

So great news! I’m in the process of compiling and uploading Lita’s half of Scene 04. This includes all of her dialogue paths (of which there are three) as well as her sex scene.

That’s the good news…now the bad news. Since I have taken over coding for the project as well as everything else, I’ve had to do a bit of restructuring to the directories. I needed it to be more streamlined and intuitive, and this I have achieved. Unfortunately it means that this once, you’ll need to re-download the entire game before you can test it.

However, I have made significant effort to make sure that your saves still work! If you download the beta and the saves don’t work, please let me know where the crash occurred so I can make additional efforts to fix it.

I will send out an announcement this evening when the links are up and available.

Thank you again for your patience!


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