Limited Promotional Opportunity!

I know it hasn’t been quite a week since our last update, but we’ve been working behind the scenes on an amazing opportunity and now it appears that those negotiations have borne fruit.

At the outset of this project we made a commitment to do things different. Our goal was to bring to you the very best in entertainment that we had in us to produce. We wanted our game to stand out in terms of writing, dialogue, characterization, visualizations and most importantly, fan interaction. Now we have a chance to stand out once more!

In an attempt to continue bringing you something different, we’ve recently agreed to a partnership with Gemex Promotions. With their support, we now have the opportunity to offer interested patrons another level of surrealism that ties in directly with our game.


Gemex is offering articles of clothing and “toys” that have been “worn” or “used” by the characters in Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist 001.

These articles are an assortment of items from panties, skirts, leggings, lingerie, jewelry, sex toys and more. Each article (or as close a representation as we can make) will appear worn or used by the character owning the item at some point in the game.

Each article will be perfumed with the character’s “signature scent”. These scents are the perfumes that were “chosen” by each character to embody their style and attitude. Sizing will be in accordance to the model’s “real-world” dimensions.

Additional items will be included with each gift, the details of which are detailed below.


There are three ways to participate in the promotion:  


Your referral of our game to others is the greatest form of flattery we could possibly receive. If you are an active patron, and you refer someone else to our game and they in turn become a patron, then the girls of DAST feel that you deserve a special thanks.

All you need to do, is have the person you referred send us a message through Patron with your user name and a short note telling us that they were referred here by you.

Well send you a confirmation email to which all you need to respond with is your favorite character’s name and a valid U.S. Mailing address. Then your chosen character will send you a pair of her scented panties along with a written thank you note.

Fun and easy right?!

-BUREAU AGENT ($35 a Month)

Each month we’ll raid one of the girl’s dresser drawers and send you what we find. Could be a pair of Amanda’s boy-shorts, maybe one of Jane’s thongs. Nanami doesn’t wear panties, but she has a nice collection of stockings. Who knows what we’ll find!

But whatever it is, it will be perfumed with her signature sent and include a sexy, glossy 5 x 7 photo of the character wearing nothing but the article. There will also be a short note from the character telling you what the item is and why it’s special to her.

-BOUDOIR BANDIT ($70 a Month)

Not only will we send you the “Bureau Agent” gift, but we’ll also sneak over to the girl’s closet and grab a choice piece of something to send your way. Peeking around yesterday I saw Emily’s Satin bathrobe, Jane’s Goth Skirt, one of Cassie’s swimsuits, and all kinds of leather whips and shit in Nanami’s closet.

Each item will be perfumed with its owner’s signature scent and a note from the character telling you where she wore it in the story and why she likes it so much.


We are rolling this out as a limited offer but may choose to expand this promotion at a later date.

Currently this promotion is only available to U.S. Residents or individuals with a U.S. Mailing Address. We are exploring ways to roll this out to international patrons as well but shipping costs currently prohibit this ($35 is the cheapest we could find for international shipping. Let us know if you are aware of an alternative and we’ll happily explore it.)


This promotion is all in good fun and meant to add an additional dimension to the game.

Each item, whether clothing, toys or jewelry is new out of the package and has never actually been worn or used.

The scents are applied from a bottle of top-of-the-line perfume chosen by the female staff at Gemex Promotions. Each item will be unwrapped, perfumed, and then sealed in a plastic bag to ensure the quality of the scent does not degrade or vanish in transit.

The products are then delivered locally to us where we apply the mailing labels ourselves and ship the product to you. We do this to ensure that your mailing address remains uncompromised and is never sold to third parties for purposes of solicitation or advertising.


The referral bonus program is now officially in effect!

For the $35 and $70 Gift Tiers, we will be posting the details of the October offering tomorrow evening and those two programs will become available at that time.

I’ll give you a hint, this month we’re raiding Jane’s pantry drawer and her closet!

So check back for additional details.

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