Meet Lita and Lola

While the axis of our story spins around the seven major love interests in Roger’s life, there exists no limit to the number of women that may cross his path on his way to our story’s conclusion. Thus it is with great pleasure I get to introduce you to two such ladies, Lita and Lola.

Make no mistake, their presence in our story serves a purpose to our plot and their inclusion is not mere decoration. But their arrival gives us an opportunity to showcase how we intend to handle different player tastes and preferences.

Both characters will fulfill the same purpose in our story which is all I can say without dropping spoilers. But which character you experience in the game will depend on your selection of optional content.

For players seeking a strictly heterosexual story with zero transgender content, Lita will perform the story functions required to help drive Roger on his quest for revenge. For players wanting to shake things up a bit and who enjoy transgender content, Lola will do the exact same. Thus all players will receive the same amount of content regardless of their chosen combination of “kinks”.

These are short term characters with very specific story functions. Neither of them will replace any of the seven main love interests. And ultimately it will be up to you if Roger has a rapid fire fling with one of them. You will always have the option of turning down any character. We’ve included some of the character details below and you can expect to see one of these lovely ladies during Nanami’s next chapter (currently in development alongside Cassie and Lupita).


Lita learned at a young age that she could make more money in a single night dancing at Caligula’s than she could handing food out a drive-thru window for a month. Even a high-school drop out like her could do that kind of math. She was young, beautiful, and loved the way rich men showered her with money and gifts. She just recently turned 21 and she still feels like the queen bee. Lita will do anything to keep that money coming in. She has no scruples, no morals, and no compunctions. If you trust Lita with a secret, then you better trust that she’ll sell it before the last call.


Lola’s was 18 when she made the decision to transition. Her parents stopped talking to her. Her friends left. She was alienated from everyone she had grown up with. But for the first time in her life she felt like herself. It was heartbreaking and liberating all at the same time. After the difficulties and horrors of high school, Lola had no desire to go to college. With no real marketable skills and difficulty making ends meet, she took up waitressing at Caligula’s. She tried to keep her transition secret, but it wasn’t long before the secret got out. And to her surprise, that is when the real money started rolling in.

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