New Goal and V0.5.1 Available!


Good evening!

So a couple of things going on this week, first, we’ve just wrapped up building distribution v.0.5.1 right on time.

In this build we introduce Emily, Roger’s wife. With the beginning of Emily’s story we’ve concluded the character introductions. Forward from here, every new release will be an expansion on an existing character’s plot line. It’s a milestone we are excited to cross and we look forward to rising high on the foundation we’ve laid thus far.

From here we will begin cycling through all of the characters on a regular cadence. Our next two installments will be the ongoing plot-line between Cassie’s friends, Jane and Amanda, so stay tuned.

The second item of note, is the decision to include animation in the beta. Whether or not to include animated scenes was something we had gone back and forth on for some time. The biggest deterrent to doing animations is the processing time required to render ultra-high quality frames on our existing hardware configurations.

We estimate that with 300 patrons worth of support, we will have the resources to overhaul one of our rigs and turn it into a dedicated animation renderer. So if anyone has suggestions for forums or other places we can demo our project and stir up interest, please let us know. We’d be grateful to hear your ideas.

Thank you all for your continued support, and as always, let us know what you think. Your feedback directly contributes to the quality of story!


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