News 2019-07-22

Word Count (Week): 3,550
Approx. Total: TBD

Renders(Week): 0
Approx. Total: TBD

Good morning everyone!

I’ve been meaning to get on here and post some news for the last few days, finally had a chance to sit down this morning over a continental breakfast and lay down some words.

I’m going to start posting some stats with these updates just to illustrate the size of the game and the amount of work that goes into it. It’s really to satisfy my own curiosity than anything, but why not share that info with my wonderful players.

First, lets get the administrative stuff out of the way.


So going forward I’m going to have to side line the walk through. Maintaining it was already a bit of a task, going through and sorting through the code and tagging what this choice or that choice does. Now that I’m doing it all, I believe that time is better spent doing other work on the game. However, there is a silver lining below…

Since the Saves don’t work…

As I stated in a previous post, I have to abandon my promise of always making saves work. The fact of the matter is that Renpy’s internal workings remain beyond my absolute control. As a result, things like return labels missing from the stack are beyond my ability to fix. (Not entirely true, I can fix them, but in doing so cause a plethora of other bugs).

The original goal was to do everything possible to maintain save integrity and when v1.1.X was ready, release it and have you do a one time restart. Well, that plan is shot to shit. But on the upside, since I can’t promise saves will fully function from one release to the next anyway (though I will continue my best to try), I’m going to proceed with integration of some of the 1.1.X mechanics into the current version of the game.

Hopefully, several of these integrations will relieve the need for a walk through altogether. These enhancements include (but are not limited to):

  • A “planner” that lets you monitor character stats and tracks your decisions.

  • The ability to turn off the color coding in the dialogue choices for a random experience.
  • The ability to turn off the notifications entirely for a blind play through.

  •  A system for managing “Pet Names” so that you can freely change, at any time, what other characters call you and what you call them. 

  •  Notifications of stat changes as you make your selections. 

I’m hoping that the introduction of some of these interface elements will alleviate the need for a walk through altogether. And of course, if you are a hell bent on seeing everything , you can play through on the red, blue and black tracks and you’ll miss nothing. 

But wait, that’s not all!

You will also finally be able to NAME YOUR CHARACTER!

All of the enhancements have been tested and will be ready with the release the second half of v1.0.7. All that remains to be finished for the second half of the release are the renders. I’ll be returning home near the end of the week and will immediately resume work. So expect regular news updates as we push through this last little bit and move onward to other characters.

Now that I finally have a firm handle on the entire production process, I look forward to continuing our story.

We’ll talk soon friends.


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