News 2019-11-23 Android News

I’ve been meaning to provide an update on the status of the Android Build, I’ve just been side tracked with content production.

I’m in a bit of a rush because I have a lot I’m trying to get done on the game in the next 24 hours before I depart for what I hope is the last business trip of 2019.

Success was achieved in getting the game to compile. Success was achieved in getting the game to finally install on an Android device.

What remains now is updated the gui so that it is usable on said device. Unfortunately, all the custom work I’ve done with the planner, etc, did not scale properly on the actual device (it appears fine in the emulator, but in service, everything is out of whack).

Since the emulator is not displaying exactly 1:1 as the actual device, I’m having to go through a painstaking process of making several improvements, compiling, installing, testing, and the moving to the next iteration.

It’s a very slow and painful process, but one that I’m chipping away at little by little.

The upside is that once this is done and I have everything sorted out with alternative screens designed for display on Android, the process is done and will never have to be repeated.

But I have to get to that stage first. I don’t want Android users to have reduced functionality. So I will continue to redesign elements for use with Android devices. I’ll just need more time build, test, and complete the design.

I’m curious for you Android users out there. Would you prefer a stripped down build that is nothing but choices and story until a more complete version can be designed, or would you rather wait until all the features of the PC/Mac build are successfully converted to Android?

Let me know your thoughts. Cheers!

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