Sleeping Beauty


Look alive ladies and gentlemen, we got a real good one here today. Feeling that her current choice of sleep wear was perhaps a little too conservative for a young woman ready to own her sexuality, Cassie went shopping for a new nightie. The appropriateness of her new sleep wear around the house leaves much to be debated, but that’s entirely up to Roger now isn’t it? When Cassie and Jane came away from the mall, they had narrowed it down to three equally likely candidates. I leave it to you folks to decide which one they felt really brought out her femininity. 

Your choices are as follows:

A. Pure: 

Cassie was particularly drawn to the color of this one, or lack thereof. The angel-like quality of this nightie made her smile. Trying it on made her feel virginal, clean, and beautiful. Yet despite all those qualities, it wasn’t conservative. It didn’t show too much skin, but it certainly showed enough. And she loved the way the lace felt against her exposed breasts. Like feathers tickling her flesh when she moved. It was heavenly.

B. Scintillating: 

This sheer, purple nightie felt like gossamer on her skin. The butterflies were whimsical, and she felt that the material covered her and exposed her all at once. Wearing it made her want to dance barefoot in the grass under the moonlight. Ok, maybe she was getting a little carried away, but something about the airiness of it all made her feel light. If it wasn’t for the soft delicate material caressing her skin, she’d almost forget she was wearing anything at all. Fairylike, was the best word she had to describe it.

C. Classy: 

But…there was something about this blue, silk nightie that just made her feel elegant. It’s what she imagined a silver screen movie star wearing to bed. The material flowed over her body like water and the chic cut the lace was alluring, even to her. Wearing it made her feel ritzy. In fact, she couldn’t stop running her hands over herself just to feel the fabric under her finger tips. It was a little expensive, but that just made the whole thing feel even more posh. She never considered bedtime to be something glamorous. But in this thing, it would be.

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POLL ENDS: December, 3rd, 2018 @ 11:59PM

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