Technical Difficulties Resolved

Well, after a couple of hours of screwing around with various settings and different tests, the problem was isolated to a Windows 10 setting. Apparently as a security feature Windows 10 will block apps from accessing the microphone unless you give the app permission to use the mic.

But in typical windows fashion, let’s not put that setting anywhere obvious or convenient, like the system tray. Let’s bury it two screens deep in settings where no one will find it unless they know where to look. And let’s not include a link or director to that screen from all of the obvious sound setting screens….argh!

I understand, it’s for security, and I respect that. But you could be a little more user friendly about it. Anyway, got that sorted.

Depending on availability we might try and do a test run tomorrow and Monday of our regular work flow. If those go smooth then we’ll dive into the Jane pic on Wednesday.

Sorry again for all the inconvenience.

We’ll get this thing going one way or another.

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