The Campbell Family

When Robert Campbell was left alone to raise a four year old girl, he didn’t know what to do. But despite that lack of knowledge, he swore he was going to do the best he could and make sure his little girl was going to get everything she needed.

He’s done his best, and his daughter loves him for it. The only time he feels inadequate as a father is when it comes to talking about things that make him uncomfortable. Things like boys, dating, sex and menstrual cycles. Fortunately for Robert, Amanda has the Harrington parents to go to for that sort of thing.

Roger and Emily are like Amanda’s second parents, often filling in the gap where Robert is most uncomfortable. He knows they advise her on these things, and he’s exceptionally grateful to be spared having to do it himself. To Robert, the Harringtons are an extension of the family, and he’d do anything to help them if they ever needed it.

But let’s not forget, it’s expensive raising a teenage daughter by yourself. Fortunately Robert’s employer Halbech pays him exceptionally well. If you didn’t know, Halbech is a big technology contractor for large corporations and even holds contracts from the U.S. government. No one knows exactly what Robert does for Halbech, but when asked, he excitedly talks about being a software engineer and data analyst.

Together, Robert and his daughter have been through a lot. But through it all, they’ve had each other. With Amanda going off to college soon, their life is about to change. But it’s possible, change is about to come even sooner than anyone thinks.

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