The Missing Tier?!

Some time ago we had a poll for our patrons. We were looking for ways to trim administrative work and one suggestion was that we switch from having 5 tiers to only having 2.

$5 Patrons would gain access to the whole shop, while our loyal $1 Patrons would receive access to the game three weeks before the public release. Two tiers, that was the intent.

However, it was just brought to my attention today that when we made this change, the $1 tier was inadvertently switched to unpublished status. 

This change didn’t remove or even impact existing $1 supporters, who have been receiving the correct benefits all this time. But it has denied new supporters the option of joining the $1 tier.

This has now been corrected and we sincerely apologize for the oversight.

In short, the $1 tier has now been re-published, the rewards detailed, and a new Discord role assigned and recognized on the server.

We want our $1 patrons to feel just as welcome and loved as our $5 patrons, and more importantly we want them to be recognized for their support. So for those of you who have been with us, we thank you! And for those of you considering joining our family, we welcome you!

Salute my friends!

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