Updated Goals

So after only two months of being live with this project we have hit 30+ patrons. We think this is absolutely phenomenal and we are excited that there is a living interest in what we are putting together. Each new patron as well as your continued support encourages us to push on with each new release and it has been exciting watching this thing grow so far.

So as a team we did a quick review of where we are at with our project and where we would like to see it go. So based on that, we have come up with some new benchmarks we think we can reasonably hit within the next year or two with your help.

Below is a quick run-down of our new goals:

75 Patrons:     You pick the models. Going forward, we will offer up four models for each character and you as a community will decide which model will fill the role.

150 Patrons:     Let’s upgrade some video cards and eliminate this render time bottleneck. As scenes get longer and more complex, our render times have stretched out by a week to a week and a half in some cases. Let’s get this back down to a couple of days so we can produce content faster.

300 Patrons:     We would love to include animations in the beta. These would mostly be reserved for the hardcore scenes. By having a separate computer doing all of the animating, we can continue to render stills on the previous upgrade and keep the development time unchanged.

600 Patrons:     We will hire a code monkey to do all of the coding. This will help us write and render scenes while our coder does the grunt-work. This should help speed up development time considerably by overlapping the writing and coding process.

1200 Patrons:     We haven’t included all of the fetishes in our games that we would like because we must adhere to certain rules and guidelines. At this level, we will develop a second online infrastructure that will allow us to continue production uninterrupted by politics and receive your support without stepping on anyone’s toes. Win-win.

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