V0.4.1 & Working Title


Good evening!

So the first piece of news is that we’ve finally decided on a working title for the story:

Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist: Patient 001 ‘Roger Harrington’

or our preferred shorthand, DAST:001

A mouthful we know, but in the end we felt it conveyed not only the premise of the story, but could evolve as we release additional stories about additional patients and their lives. So if all goes according to plan, we’ll evolve this single tale into an entire series with a variety of themes and personalities.

But until then, here it is, v.0.4.1, on schedule but with more content that we had originally planned at this stage. The upside to having more than one person working on a project like this, is that if someone finds themselves with some free time, and they choose to spend it on the project, we make momentary jumps ahead of schedule.

So this update includes an introduction of another member of what we’re calling the “significant seven”. The “sig-7” are the seven primary love interests that drive the story forward. In this update we meet Lupita, the house keeper whose bio we have previously released. In addition to Lupita’s introduction, we also have the second scene of the Cassie storyline.

The character stories happen sequentially, so to get to the second scene you play the first scene by the pool, and then select “Home Life” and “Cassie” a second time when the Dr. asks who you would like to talk about. Eventually we will re-code so that you have the option of continuing the story without going back to the doctor.

In our next update, we’ll be introducing Emily, Roger’s wife. So stay tuned and if all goes according to plan, we’ll be ready with the storyboard in about a week.

In the meantime, download the alpha and let us know what you think.


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