View From The 23rd Floor*

Little late night treat for our devoted patrons.

When we start throwing out these custom renders during the week, it signals two things. The first, is which character’s story will be the next to drop, and the second, is that we’re done writing and coding, all that is left is rendering.

We have a pretty robust Nanami scene coming out in the next few days. Robust in that it has several different pathways and a sex scene with a few different options and styles.

To cover all of the choices, as well as bonus content for patrons, we are completing sixty-six renders for this release. That is far more than we’ve done for any scene prior.

We are definitely finding our stride with Daz and have solved a lot of our lighting issues (to hell with HDRI). As we get better, we get faster, as we get faster, we have the freedom to include more in each release.

So enjoy a sample of the labor that you as patrons are supporting and look to hear from us after the weekend. We are anticipating rendering to proceed through most of Saturday and Sunday. This gives us Monday to compile, test and then hopefully distribute if the code seems clean.

Cheers Friends!

*In the interest of perfection, we updated this image on 2/9/2018 after it was posted. There was some shit going on with her hair that bothered me and her right should-blade was delineated funny. All good now – Fecalmancer.

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